Dermalogica Personalised Skin Care

Dermalogica Treatment Facial

Skin Types: All Types
Results: Healthier, revitalized skin
Length: 60 mins
Cost: £45.00

The Dermalogica “Core Treatment Facial” can be adapted to suit all skin types and conditions, using an individually designed programme to treat how your skin is on that day. Includes a relaxing back and scalp massage.

Dermalogica Total Cleanse Facial

Skin Types: Acne, Blemished
Results: Clearer, healthier skin. Treats and prevents future breakouts
Length: 75 mins
Cost: £50.00

As adaptive as the “Core Treatment Facial”, this deep cleansing facial allows more time to effectively treat congestion.

Dermalogica Age-Smart Facial

Skin Types: Mature, prematurely ageing skin
Results: A more youthful looking complexion
Length: 60 mins
Cost: £45.00

This anti-aging facial is perfect for those who are concerned about the signs of ageing. Using innovative products that help fight skin aging by addressing the actual biochemical reactions that trigger these changes in the skin before they start. Includes a relaxing back and scalp massage.

Aromatherapy Associates Facials

Rose Renew Facial

Skin Types: All skin types, in particular dry, delicate and finely textured complexions
Results: Smooth, radiant complexion, relaxed state of mind
Length: 50 mins
Cost: £42.00

A luxurious facial, harnessing the regenerative properties of rose to nourish, soften and hydrate the skin. This treatment helps to boost the circulation and promotes cell renewal and regeneration. It includes a scalp massage and, while the mask is on, a luxurious hand and arm massage.

Rose Revitalising Facial

Skin Types: Mature, ageing skin
Results: Glowing, youthful skin and a deeply relaxed sense of wellbeing.
Length: 90 mins
Cost: £60.00

The most luxurious “hands-on” facial, which harnesses the regenerative properties of rose and frankincense, it works on the skin at a deep level, encouraging cellular renewal. Including 2 masks, a back, scalp and arm massage; you will leave looking fabulous and feeling sublime.

Age Repair Facial

Skin Types: Ageing, lined complexions
Results: A firm, plumped and more youthful complexion
Length: 90 mins
Cost: £60.00

A natural, highly effective repairing facial, using Inca inch oil and larch extract to stimulate collagen formation to deliver firm, tightened skin. Including 2 masks, a scalp and specialized anti-age massage.