Body Treatments

Aromatherapy Massage

All massage treatments use the natural power of essential oils, and can be tailored to your specific needs. You can also add the harmonizing and cleansing power of hot basalt lava stones to any of the massage therapies to comfortably work deeper into your muscles.

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage

Length: 30 mins
Cost: £25.00
With Stones: £28.00

Back, Neck and Leg Massage

Length: 45 mins
Cost: £35.00
With Stones: £40.00

Full Body Massage

Length: 60 mins
Cost: £42.00
With Stones: £48.00

Ultimate Body / Face / Scalp Massage

Length: 90 mins
Cost: £55.00
With Stones: £65.00

Holistic Treatments

Indian Head Massage

Length: 30 mins
Cost: £28.00

This treatment uses a combination of massage techniques applied to the shoulders, arms, face, neck and scalp to relieve built up tension, headaches and eyestrain. This is an invigorating yet deeply relaxing treatment.

Hopi Ear Candles

Length: 30-40 mins
Cost: £30.00

This relaxing, gentle treatment clears the mind and aids in removing compacted earwax, and clearing the sinuses. The treatment concludes with a face and scalp massage to aid the clearing effect of the candles.


Length: 30 mins
Cost: £31.00

An ancient healing art that treats the whole body through reflex points found on the feet. With gentle massage, the body’s energy flows are unblocked, helping to free the body’s natural healing process and to re-align and balance the delicate systems of the body.

Spa Body Therapy

Hydro-Active Mineral Salt Scrub

Length: 30 mins
Cost: £28.00

Mineral rich sea salt, dried seaweed, fruit enzymes and aromatic oils smooth and polish the entire body. Includes dry body brushing, friction massage and buffing cloth.

Body Therapy Hydro Pack

Length: 60 mins
Cost: £40.00

An ultra soothing and hydrating treatment combining aromatherapy and hydroxy acid, together with a pure natural aloe-based thermal wrap to infuse your skin with moisture. Ideal before or after holidays to get your skin in perfect condition. Includes a mineral salt scrub.